What is Novatio?

Novatio is a revolutionary hybrid between a console and a PC.
Imagine the convenience of a console but with the power of an high-end hardware.
This is the Novatio experience.


We are gamers. We know what you want.
With Novatio the game becomes REAL.
The best visual experience of your life
according with the latest generation of hardware.
You will love that.

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Every part can be easily modded and swapped out for the ultimate customization experience. We know that you just want the "plug-n-play" option! But hey, come to the dark side of modding.
Easier than ever!

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Hybrid System

We have created a special distro of Linux that permits you to play all the Steam titles!

Live freedom.

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Novatio timeline

This is our story.

  • 2016
  • The Idea

    The Idea was born in early September when Samuele showed to Simone his creation: A little PC in a little case.

  • The Team

    Samuele and Simone introduced the idea to Eros and Luca, then they formed the Team.

  • Feasibility Study

    We did a Feasibility Study and then we started to design the case.

  • The Name

    Novatio from the Latin Word "innovatio" came up during a brainstorming in the first half of October. It was our first step.

  • Hardware Test

    We made our Hardware test by implementing components in an aluminium box with the final-product size.

  • The Mother Board Project

    We started to design a new Revolutionary Motherboard. With it we can run our own OS and play every single Steam Game.

  • Provisional 3D Model

    Our Artist gave us the first ideas and then we Created the Model.

  • Looking for case builders

    We have contacted a famous Italian company, Manufacturer of Cases.

  • NovOS

    First and primitive version of our Linux-Based Operating System, named NovOS.

  • Publication of the first articles on the internet

    With the help of the European gamer-journalists we made Novatio known to the Public.

  • Android Controller APP

    Early implementation of an Android application that allows you to use the Smartphone as an additional Controller.

  • Hydra

    We start a collaboration with Hydra, a famous italian company manufacturer of cases.

  • Specs

    We reveal Novatio's Specs.
    "Standard" version will have AMD Fx8350 and NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti.
    "Pro" version will have Intel i5-6600K and NVIDIA GTX 1060.

  • 2017
  • Achievement?

    Let me check the Future...
    Where is my cristal ball?!

Our Team

An idea of Samuele Bagalà and Simone Garofalo

Simone Garofalo

Web Developer

He first started playing videogames at the age of five years old. Just like a night creature, he often stays at his desk, working on his projects for hours during the night. He is the first Mind of the Project.

Samuele Bagalà

Hardware Engineer

Samuele Bagalà is an italian IT student. He loves computers since 2003, the year he received his first PC. He loves assembling PCs and creating electronic devices. He is the second Mind of the Project



The craziest guy in the project, Eros Gianaria. Nowadays he is an IT student. He loves programming in order to create amazing softwares. He has been a gamer for several years as well as the others.



The yougest member of the team. He is an italian IT student, too. His main interest is photography. Everything started last year when he fell in love with his Reflex.

Our FAQs

Frequent questions

As stated before, it is the most powerful console ever seen. Novatio is Power, Strenght, Innovation and Customization like an high-end Gaming PC.

Novatio is the first fully customizable console. You can change every single part of it. And the best thing is that you don't need a technician: with our customization modules the assembly is actually simpler than ever.

If you want to play last-gen games you should replace some components every 5 years more or less. If you want to focus more time on playing older games your components should not be replaced. It will last pretty much forever.

You can buy Novatio's components in our online store.

With Novatio you are free. You can choose your favourite controller between PS4 dualshock, Xbox One or any other PC Controller.

There will be two versions of it. The "standard" version and the "pro" verison (upgradable and custumizable).

No. Novatio is a console that runs PC games with PC High-End hardware.

Any Steam game at the moment. We are working in order to implement any PC game. Console games aren't supported yet.

Novatio is running a modded version of Linux called NovOS.

Our version of linux allows you to play any game avaible on Steam.

By simply connecting the console to the TV via an HDMI cable.

The cost depends on the version. There are two versions. The base one will cost €499,99

Simply read the other FAQs and you will have the answer you are looking for.

Novatio is something you have never seen. Other consoles aren't powerful and durable as Novatio is.


Send us your feedback! It is very important for us.


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Turin (TO), Italy




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